Excelentes imagens históricas de laboratórios famosos

Imagino que você, assim como eu, deva nutrir uma curiosidade bastante peculiar sobre como eram os laboratórios de cientistas famosos, onde foram feitas descobertas que nos auxiliam no cotidiano. Procurando, encontrei diversas imagens históricas destes ambientes. Vamos conferir?

French scientist Jollivet Castelot in his laboratory, 1880

lab1(via Henry Guttmann/Getty Images)

The Alchemist by David Teniers The Younger, mid-1600s

lab2lab2parte2(via Histohotels)

Edison’s Menlo Park Laboratory

lab3(via Library Of Congress)

Louis Pasteur’s laboratory at the Ecole Normale, c. 1885

Pasteur's Lab(via Three Lions/Getty Images)

The laboratory where Tesla and Westinghouse developed apparatus for AC systems

lab5(via Neatorama)

Rogers Laboratory Of Physics

lab6(via Electro Therapy Museum)

Carlsberg Laboratory, Copenhagen, Denmark

lab7(via Carlsberg Group)

Female undergraduates at work in the laboratory at Girton College, Cambridge University, c. 1900

Girton LaboratoryThe college, founded in 1869, was the first for female undergraduates.

(via Reinhold Thiele/Thiele/Getty Images)

Rutherford in his lab at McGill, c. 1905

lab9(via McGill Faculty Of Science blog)

Mrs. M.M. Brooke, a chemist in her laboratory at the Corby Baking Company, c. 1922

lab10(via Shorpy)

Marie Curie and Pierre Curie in their laboratory

lab11(via Honors Physics)

Dr. Hale Charch, a member of the team which invented moisture proof cellophane in his laboratory, c. 1927

CellophaneA large bag on his left held water for weeks whilst other control bags showed evaporation in a few days. The cellophane was invented in USA, but that was not waterproof.

(via Keystone/Getty Images)

Thomas A. Edison Laboratories, Building No. 5., West Orange, New Jersey

lab13(via Library Of Congress)

Edison Botanic Research Laboratory, Fort Myers, Florida

lab14(via Edison & Ford Winter Estates Blog)

Plasma from American blood donors is being used during operations at British hospitals in World War II

Plasma Donation

National Institute of Research in Hampstead, January 8 1941

Lab Equipment(via Keystone/Getty Images)

Unidentified student in a science laboratory, mid-1940s

2011_3030(via Sarah Lawrence College Archives)

ENIAC, the first fully electronic digital computer, 1946

lab18lab18parte2(via Millersville University and Computer History)

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